Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (WTPMS) are developed to track the atmospheric pressure inside pneumatically-driven tires of cars and other mechanisms. To understand much more about this systematic process, keep reading below.

Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (WTPMS) Overview

WTPMS, at the same time referred to as tire pressure indication systems (TPIS), release real-time tire compression info to the motorist, either through a pictogram, or through a straightforward low compression alert light. These systematic processes remotely determine the compression and temperature level, and immediately alert the motorist if the compression in several tires drops under a pre-programmed value. Such systematic process support prevent any extreme conditions from occurring, like losing control of the car while driving a vehicle or a tire being split due to a spread out.


A blow in tire compression might be because of a leak triggered by a nail or other things, bad seal in between the wheels and tire, or a transformation in normal temperature level. A wireless tire pressure monitoring system not simply helps in spotting a puncture, however also figures out:

  • Around or below inflation that reduces tire existence and enhances fuel intake.
  • Hydroplaning or aquaplaning, which is a huge danger, as there is no road touch in the core of the wheels beyond rates of 90km/h.
  • Low front compression throughout under-steering and even low rear compression throughout over-steering.
  • Inappropriate tire compression that interferes the suspension restriction.


The TPMS can be charged by 2 AAA batteries or an automobile cig lighter. It makes up four easy to install control device caps, which move compression information to a dashboard-mounted system, which shows the important information straightaway. The control panel system, additionally called cordless master, can be connected into the automobile’s cig lighter slot, or even can be utilized with chargeable batteries that survive for approximately a full week between charges.


Basic Functions of WTPMS

  • Outside tire sensing units protected with anti-theft installations.
  • When the compression falls below or increases above the tweaked sequence, pressure alarms.
  • Whenever tire temp moves across a set range, temperature signals.
  • Easy read out visuals icon.
  • Boosts tire span and enhances fuel usage.
  • Improves steering security and reduces decelerating range.
  • Minimizes CO2 and rubber waste.
  • Instantly spots air leak and tire overheating issues.
  • Quickly programmable compression and heat level.
  • Functions also whenever the vehicle is motionless.
  • Extremely precise and not affected by rough roadways.


Gates AirAware Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The Gates AirAware Tire Pressure Monitoring System is an out-of-sight car security device launched to boost driving security and prevent the dangers of driving mishaps. It is totally cordless and has sensing units found on each steering wheel.


This offers the motorist with precise tire temp and atmospheric pressure details. Utilizing 2 AA batteries, its dash-mounted screen device instantly signals the motorist of any slow-moving air leakage, tire problem, or perforation well prior to a possible delamination. The sensing units send data through super high frequency to the on-board receiver to notify the motorist of any transformations in tire compression. The systematic process also keeps track of the atmospheric pressure of the extra tire, which is another essential element that we generally disregard.