For a long period of time Volvo has been attempting very hard to stow-away its credibility as a maker of blocky, uninspiring and conventional estates and saloons. The Volvo XC60 is a functional and stylish four-wheel drive that’s available with some extremely effective engines.

For certainly the Volvo XC60 is a small SUV, Volvo really wants you to view it more as a double-cross between coupé, four-wheel drive and estate that significant on Scandinavian design and elegance instead of traditionalistic strength. It is definitely extremely elegant with a less cumbersome and blocky appearance, however it’s developed to also be large and family-friendly.


Volvo XC60 Review

All of Volvo XC60’s include a Corner Traction Control system, which assists the vehicle change direction by stopping and speeding up the suitable wheels. Volvo XC60 drivers gain from an elevated steering position that provides a great forward viewpoint. Powerful engines contribute to the satisfaction of steering. The transmissions let the side down a little bit since the basic manual box has a hazy and long transformation action, while the extra automatic is slow-moving to alter gearwheel and often chooses the incorrect moment to do so. When driving it does not tackle like an off-roader, with great body control, while the trip quality is exceptional, keeping it an excellent cross-country unit.


The majority of the controls in the Volvo XC60 are tilted to the vehicle driver to make them convenient. The switches and knobs for the stereo system, automobile settings and extra sat-nav are nowhere near as easy to use; they are compact, confusingly set up and instead sidetracking to utilize while steering. The control panel looks refreshingly distinct and is developed from components that feel sophisticated. The majority of XC purchasers, nevertheless, value the vehicle’s refined strategy and the way it can cover big ranges in comfy and peaceful style.


Volvo XC60’s with basic suspension are great at absorbing bang, as well, but they are not so smooth that they stumble around and make the girls feel unwell over billowy roadways. Selecting the best engine is simply as essential. The D4 diesel-engine that’s available with two-wheel-drive models of the vehicle is the best and quietest engine in the line. Since these have a stiffer suspension configuration that minimizes convenience without substantially enhancing driving enjoyable, simply make certain you prevent R-Design models of the Volvo XC60. The pole positions are splendidly helpful, ensuring you comfy on the lengthiest of trips. In addition, there is a vast array of seat and guiding wheel modification to assist vehicle drivers of several sizes find a position that meets.


There’s lots of area for four six-footers, and five people can insert for short trips. The Volvo XC60 additionally has a boot that eats travel suitcases easily, while a divider panel folds from the floor to avoid small things moving around. Volvo has long been associated with safety and security, so it is barely amazing that the Volvo XC60 made the optimum first-class score when it was crash checked by independent body Euro NCAP. Right, BMW’s X3 is a better option if you are trying to find enjoyment and four-wheel drive; however, the Volvo XC60 makes an outstanding family car.