Volkswagen Polo Advantages And Disadvantages are needed to know in advance if you will buy the car so that later, you will not regret after buying it. As we know that luxury and expensive car have become an image for European production cars, especially from Germany.

Nevertheless,Volkswagen Polo does not seem to want to be gripped about the grip by presenting the VW Polo 1.2 TSI in Indonesia.Volkswagen Polo is one of the car made in Volkswagen into the top 5 as the best selling car in the world with the second place after Hyundai i10.  Volkswagen or often abbreviated as VW is a producer of cars that are very productive in the world, Volkswagen designation as the most productive car manufacturer is evidenced by the many types of cars that have been issued by car manufacturers. In fact, from several types of cars issued by Volkswagen, one of its products occupies the second position as the best-selling car in the world. As we know that each car has its own advantages and disadvantages, it includes Volkswagen Polo.


Here are Volkswagen Polo Advantages And Disadvantages :

What Is the Disadvantages And advantages of Volkswagen Polo? Volkswagen Polo is provided with a 1197 cc engine with TSI engine type 4 Cylinder, it is including urban cars that has a formidable engine performance. Moreover, the body size is ideal and also agile car. If you would like to know more about Volkswagen Polo, let’s see disadvantages and advantages below:


Volkswagen Polo Disadvantages 

Before we discuss the various advantages that exist in Volkswagen Polo, we want to discuss some of the few deficiencies of Volkswagen Polo who often complained about by the riders.  The disadvantages are the car has weak engine power on the lap including the lack of this car is often complained of by the riders, maybe it is because this car engine has a power on the lap down only, constraints of this kind are often felt in other cars. Moreover, The lack of spare-part especially that sold in Indonesia market including the lack of Volkswagen Polo is quite inconvenient for car owners when they want to make a spare-part change, usually to get a spare-part the owners have to indent first.  If the spare-part is exist, the price of spare-part is quite expensive and the resale price that dropped dramatically is also often the reason to make people think again when want to buy Volkswagen Polo.


Volkswagen Polo Advantages

The first advantage is the pull of the responsive engine on the lower rim. With its responsiveness to the bottom pull of course to provide its own convenience for the driver when starting to run this car.

It is provided with a 1197 cc engine, of course this car has a fairly responsive performance with a maximum power of 105 hp / 5000rpm which runs on 175nm / 1500 rpm torque with support 7-speed Dual Clutch Automatic transmission.

Furthermore, the Volkswagen Polo advantages next fuel consumption is very economical when compared with other hatchback car. It has embedded various advanced features and complete on this car, with the expectation of features of this car can provide more driving comfort on every trip.

Because the various advantages are offered to the global community, it is not surprised if Volkswagen Polo entered as the best-selling car in the world especially for Family Car so you can drive with your family safely.

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