The year of 2017 is over. A number of new cars were recorded launched in Indonesia by various manufacturers during the year. For 2018, there are already a number of manufacturers who confirm there will be a new car launching this year. Some of them are refresher models while some of the manufacturers bring new cars that have never produced before. Here are some top lists of the new cars that are ready to rock and roll in 2018.

1. City Car from Wuling
In October 2017, President of SGMW Motor Indonesia (Wuling Indonesia) Xu Feiyun was ensuring there are two cars to be launched in 2018. The first model is MPV which is larger than Confero, and the second is a city car. The first model launched was Cortez in mid-December 2017, faster than scheduled. Meanwhile, the city car concept is still unreleased yet that it is certainly in 2018.

2. Toyota Yaris
PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) recently conducted refresher on the Yaris in November 2016. Fortunately, according to some information, the company have been launching the next refresher between February and March 2018. Maybe, you already see that Toyota Yaris already shows up on a TV commercial. Now, everybody can buy the next concept of Toyota Yaris.

3. BMW Electric Car
BMW i3 electric car has come to Indonesia International Auto Show in August. Unfortunately, its presence is not for sale, but only for the introduction. Even so, BMW Group Indonesia actually really desires to sell i3 domestically. Additional models from the ā€œiā€ series will accompany the i8 sports car that has been sold since last year.

4. Suzuki Ertiga
Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) is reportedly preparing for the birth of a new generation of Ertiga. The news about the birth of Ertiga has already been heard first from online news. The Marketing Director of PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) 4W, Donny Saputra, explain that they will launch the All-New Ertiga. The plan of the launch will start in the first half of 2018 so they Ertiga lovers can have this car immediately.

5. Toyota Sienta Hybrid
Toyota Sienta Hybrid will be the next generation of low carbon emission vehicle that will be suitable for city condition. But, this car is actually not released yet since the authority is still waiting for a new government regulation in Indonesia about the use of this new car concept. When the regulation is officially released, Toyota will certainly start to market this car if it is profitable for the company.

Finally, those are new cars which are will or currently launched in 2018. So, now it is your time to upgrade your old car with the latest models from Suzuki, Toyota, Wuling, and even BMW. Some of the cars are already available for sale in Indonesia except the BMW Electric Car that has no information yet about the release or it may be not be launched in Indonesia because it was only for an exhibition.