How To Keep Honda CR-V Air Conditioner is important to know in order that yous car is always cool because of the air conditioner. As we know that Honda is a Japanese vehicle brand that is now very popular in Indonesia.

You will see Honda products on motorcycles and cars, with a wide variety of products. The number of service and spare part sales are also the reasons why this brand is so popular.

Especially Honda cars, it is also famous for its efficient use of gasoline and comfort when driving. Moreover, there is a tight service schedule that must be obeyed, which will make this vehicle last long.

Did you know that Honda CR-V Air Conditioner needs to get treatment too. Because it not only the engine or any body outside the car that should get treatment. Air conditioner of the car must also be treated in order to work optimally and normally.

Basically how to care for air conditioner of the car it must be done the right way. Because air conditioner of the car is one of the important components in the car. This affects the driver’s comfort while driving.

In addition, it is also very influential on the conditions in the car so it can be cool and comfortable. Especially if during the summer, the car air conditioner is very influential to regulate the temperature in the car that we drive.

Besides the summer, during the rainy season Honda CR-V Air Conditioner can also help the driver comfort in driving. The reason is when the driver is driving on rain conditions, when the car air conditioner lights up can make the car glass is not foggy.

Surely in any weather conditions from the air conditioner car can be lit as usual we do not have to worry. However, what if the car air conditioner can not work normally. So that’s why, here we discuss about how to keep Honda CR-V Air Conditioner easily.

How To Keep Honda CR-V Air Conditioner Easily

1. Always keep clean the car inside
The first that should you do to keep your car air conditioner is always keep clean inside of the car. Evaporator units for car air conditioners are usually at the bottom of the dashboard.

This unit whose function is to suck car air and cooled. Hence, evaporator is very risk to be dirty because of dust and dirt in the cabin. You should clean the cabin and avoid smoking in it.

2. Always cover the windshield when AC is on
The second that should you do to keep your car air conditioner is always keep cover the windshield when Honda CR-V Air Conditioner is on. This will make your air conditioner more efficient at work.

It is because there is no air getting in the car. So, the compressor is no need to work too hard to maintain the temperature of the car, and gasoline became more efficient.

3. Always clean the consed-er
The third that should you do to keep your car air conditioner is always clean the consed-er. The condenser is in front of the radiator exactly. This condenser will throw the heat out.

If it is dirty, then this process will be hampered. So spray water occasionally while washing the car to the condenser surface.