Just before taking your car to a repair professional to investigate its cooling problems, of course, there are some ideas that you can fix by yourself. Among the main functions of car air conditioning is to make sure that you really feel as stress-free in your car as you would feel in your living room.

The truth is that your car a/c is quite different from the a/c existing in your living room. Certainly there is no worry, nonetheless, to bring it to the repair service center each time some such problem occurs. You can take a look at a lot of these concerns on your own, or repair the problem by altering some parts. Shown below is an essential troubleshooting overview.

Car Air Conditioning Repair

The blower fan problem accompanies your A/C, the most considerable point that will happen is that wintry air will not circulate inside the vehicle. Put the air conditioning unit of your car on. Start the blower fan and set it at optimum. You have to hear it blowing clear and loud in case this blower fan is good. On the occasion that you cannot grab it, or perhaps in case the sound is silenced, at that point the blower fan needs maintenance or replacement. If there is no problem with your blower fan, most potentially the problem presents in the fuse that connects to the system of the blower fan. Users will find the fuse under the dashboard place.


Users will find the fuse within the dash location. The time this fuse lies, anyone can rapidly find out whether it is operating successfully or otherwise. If it is blown, anyone will have to alter it with another one. When altering, ensure and see that the old fuse deals with the one you are purchasing. If the new fuse blows again and again, after that you perhaps have a faulty blower engine or perhaps there is a small somewhere in the circuit. In those conditions, you will actually need professional support.


Amongst the elemental problems can be with its magnetic grip. Ensure that it is not the fuse that is malfunctioning, as well as if the grip is not being joined with the a/c, then there is an error there. Anybody will have to change out the clutch. Or generally, there may be leakage of fuel throughout the shaft seal of the compressor. Fix the seal.


All car A/C systems have two ducts – the low and the pushy ducts. Inaccurate compressions in these ducts can set off a wide variety of problems. Frequently, the air does not stream inside the car because your directions are not working properly. Otherwise, possibly the buttons need replacement. Check out the circulation button provided with the auto cooling system. That can be managed by taking out the entire system of blocked air and dampness then recycling it.


For each problem, definitely there is a specific solution; nevertheless precisely what’s more vital is that you must find the trouble successfully. Needless to say, there is a lot of applicable info in your handbook and many repairing suggestions on the web to help you out. Take a look at them prior to calling the professional services.