Every little thing from appearances, functionality, handling and, most importantly, style that makes the Alfa Romeo 4C an authentic sportscar in every perspective. The Alfa Romeo 4C is compact, snappy and the trip and handling are a manifestation of what is possible when a company sets its attractions on creating a genuine sports car.

As compact as it is, the Alfa Romeo 4C feels profoundly strong, which is not really a bombshell as the compartment is constructed at the Maserati manufacturing facility in Modena, Italy using practical knowledge gained from racing. Every element in the Alfa Romeo 4C is there with density and functionality in mind. It’s not included if it includes nothing to straight-out speed. Below you can find Alfa Romeo 4C review.

Alfa Romeo 4C Review

Huge rear legs all refluxing from the representative Alfa Romeo inside-out triangle grille. The blood red color is what you desire on Italian cars. Feel like a racecar, the traveler area is a monocoque made completely of carbon fiber that is intentionally left noticeable, specifically in the footwells. There are no armrests or glovebox; the seatbacks do not stretch out; the dash, control panel, door panels and seats are minimally embellished; the cupholders are worthless; and there’s basically no in-car safe-keeping.


Pretty small-sized and extremely fast at 0-100 km/h in 4 secs and a full throttle of 250 km/h, this is the interpretation of what a car is and should be. With the powerplant installed straight behind your head, the Alfa Romeo 4C is everything about harmony, super fast response and a marvelous hardly stifled exhaust figure. Utilizing lessons gained from Ferrari Formula One, it flaunts leading edge innovation such as a super scavenging unit that minimizes lag. On the core console is a modification switch the company calls the Alfa DNA selector, with three basic modes – Dynamic, Neutral and All Weather.


The hands-on steerage (no power provided), is weighty at low speed, however handles a life of its own with driving wheel roadway “feel” that essentially lets your hands feel the different surface of the road surface area. There is practically no backward vision not to mention Blind Spot warning, but who cares. You will need to set up your mirrors effectively, however, this vehicle is about moving forward, not looking back. Since it is lighter in weight and the windows are flimsy glass, the seats have a carbon-fibre structure. There is a bag, of sorts, discovered in the rear behind the powerplant offering 105 litres, good enough for two small carry-ons.


The Alfa Romeo 4C is for you if you want to enjoy steering a genuine sports auto. As being extremely fast, it also has a somewhat vintage feel due to the single-handed steerage and remarkable brakes – there’s a low turning point on quick pedal, therefore retardation is simple to regulate. Alfa Romeo has thought of a sportscar that is worthy of the name and at an impressive cheap price for what you get. A combination of modern innovation and a dedication to driving satisfaction that Alfisti and sports car crazies as a whole have been requiring for many years.