The Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon blends the styling mastery we have come to anticipate from the Italian vehicle brand with a range of punchy diesel motor and a useful estate car. The Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon estate compromises some of its area and functionality for design.

Remaining on a new platform that is wider to maximize compartment area  –  Alfa is attempting ever again and attempting more. Its boot merely is not really as huge as competitors like the Skoda Superb, however the 159 is more desirable to explore than both are and still handles to provide an easy to use boot.


Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon Review

Alfa Romeo has accomplished a terrific project of enhancing the all-embracing convenience of its vehicles, and the 159 Sportwagon is no different. This vehicle definitely has the strength to match its eye-catching appearances. Stunning Italian appearances set the 159 Sportwagon aside from the other family estate vehicle crowd. Inside the expressive cabin attributes hallmark Alfa Romeo details, including a stylish triplet of dials on the centre system and greatly cowled equipments in front of the vehicle driver. Front and back passengers will discover lots of space, and back legroom is appropriate for most people. The inner parts are not dissatisfaction either, particularly with the leather-made seats, which are typical in Lusso trim, and extremely comfy.

There isn’t definitely a muffled engine in the line-up and the remarkable 1750 TBi fuel is the most powerful option. Powerplant and trim choices are the same when it comes to the 159 saloon, so all vehicles are kindly geared up. The engines are punchy and mainly noiseless, though fuel economy might be much better. The more effective 2.0-litre JTDm diesel can be found in two states of composition, with either 136bhp or 170bhp, and both are powerful performers. The 25.7 mpg 3.2-litre V6 fuel engine is beaten for economic by some more powerful vehicles, as well.


Prices are reasonable for an excellent design – despite the fact that you will pay more than for a similar estate from a popular maker – and the diesel motor offer good performance and economy. The 445-litre boot cannot fit compact executive competitors such as the BMW 3 Series for field (at 460 litres). The boot has a reasonably compact position along with a higher loading lip, and it is not the largest around, either. It is a helpful square form, the tailgate position is big and there’s a ski hatch constructed into the seatback.


For most of steering conditions, 4th and 3rd equipment are basically all you require, taking you from periphrastic as much as 70mph effortlessly. From a protection viewpoint the Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon is reasonable. Protection is a strong suit, as the 159 has a complete first-class Euro NCAP score. It comes with six air bags as basic, and also digital stability control. Presumably, the 159 Sportwagon is acutely priced, undercutting status competitors from BMW and Mercedes while providing more standard devices. Alfa has fitful background but its current works are significantly enhanced when it comes to dependability.