4 Good Family Cars For Back To School will be discussed in this article. As we know that cars have become a common need today, especially for families. If you buy a car for yourself, you can be selfish and ‘reckless’. However, when choosing a car for a family, many things have to be taken into to be calculated.

Whether you are looking for a family car for the first time or buying a third car because your family members get bigger, there’s always a change in the type of family car on the market.

Before buying family car for your family, you should give them the best one in order that they feel satisfied with their car. Here, 4 good Family Cars for back to school that you should to know.

1. Ford Escape
The first family car is Ford Escape. Ford ensures every model introduced in Indonesia is the right car for the family. This is directly shown on Ford Indonesia’s official website.

In the official website of Ford is said, ‘cars the love families’. Even he openly said, every Ford model introduced in Indonesia, created because there is input of ideas from every family of Indonesia, and born ‘Ford Family Car’.

It is said Ford family car, presents something that is needed for Indonesian families. Such as fuel efficiency, provide comfort, and have a more stylish design and everything is presented in Ford Everest, Ecosport, New Fiesta, All-new EcoSport and Everest.

2. Honda CR-V
The second family car is Honda CR-V. Honda always presents the best. After launching newest products that manifold city car. Now turn the car with the type of SUV from Honda show off the streets of the homeland.

For this type of car SUV Honda presents a car with a luxurious design that has a performance engine that is tougher and more reliable and supported by modern features and also advanced technology from Honda.

The car is a Honda CR-V that has recently been launched into the domestic industrial market. Carrying the big name of Honda, CR-V able to achieve the award as the best SUV car from one of the leading magazines.

Family car with middle class and above is actually long been launched, but in this session we will review the latest Honda CR-V car from Honda.

Since its inception in its introduction, this car has also earned the title of the best SUV car. So do not be surprised if the latest version Honda CR-V has a more formidable performance in comparison with premises.

3. Hyundai Sonata
The third family car is Hyundai Sonata. Motor Trend magazine acclaimed Sonata as the second best mid-sized family sedan in terms of sales in the United States (US).

Sonata successfully defeated other upscale sedan cars such as the Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry in a survey conducted in the US.

4. Toyota Corolla
The fourth family car is Toyota Corolla. As we know that Toyota Corolla is a traditional family car but the design is still good for now. Including in back, where the back seats are now big enough for most growing kids.